Some Popular Rebounder Brand Reviews

On this page I am going to review the major rebounder brands that I have personally tested. The rebounder market in the US is currently dominated by five brands. Some of these brands have been around for years and some of them are relatively new. Below you’ll find a short description of each brand. If any of you have more experience with one of these rebounders and would like me to add something to this review please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Of all the rebounders I have tried the Bellicon rebounder has the softest bounce due to the fact that it uses bungee bands rather than springs to attach the mat the frame. As far as I have been able to tell Bellicon is the first company to try this approach. Bellicon makes one of the highest quality rebounders on the market and definitely has the softest bounce but there is one down side to using bungee bands and that’s lifespan.


Needak has been making rebounders longer than just about any company out there and there rebounder has become the one other company compare there’s too. The needak rebounder is manufactured and assembled 100% in the USA and has one of the softest bounces out of the models we tested. Unless you have the extra money to spend on the Bellicon rebounder the Needak rebounder is our rebounder of choice. It’s combination of high quality build an affordable price combined with the fact that the company has been in business for over 15 years and has built a solid reputation for good customer service and making a high-quality product make this our favorite.

Rebound AIR

ReboundAIR rebounders are made in Taiwan but compared to other imported models the reboundair rebounder feels like a much higher quality product. ReboundAIR also backs there mini trampoline with a lifetime warranty which is unique in the industry. I’ve heard reports that the reboundAIR rebounder has a problem with the mat having a tendency to warp over time but this is unverified.


The Cellerciser is a decent rebounder with a fairly soft bounce although not quite as soft as some of the others that we tried. We were unable to determine where the Cellerciser is manufactured but it does seem to be made of reasonably solid materials and looks like it should hold up pretty well under regular use. One major downside to the Cellerciser is the price which is considerably higher than some other rebounders on the market with no noticeable difference in quality.

Urban Rebounder

The Urban rebounder is a economy rebounder made in China out of low grade marital. The old saying you get what you pay for certainly holds true when it come to the urban rebounder. The Urban rebounder that we ordered already had stitching coming out near one of the mat cleats. When we tried to contact customer service they were non-responsive.

Rebounder Benefits Overlooked by Most.

The multitude of benefits derived from the mini trampoline or rebounder can often be overlooked in a world that is dominated by exercise machines. A mini trampoline is more compacting, affordable, and less cumbersome than larger, space-consuming machines. Mini trampolines provide an effective and fun way for children to exercise and burn off some of their excess energy, and this can be a lifesaver on those rainy days when the family is stuck indoors. They’re also easier on your joints than running or higher impact exercise.

A mini trampoline’s main benefit comes through the wide range of exercises it is capable of offering. These work-outs can be broken into four groups; step on-step off, bouncing, jogging, and balancing. Each category involves a variety of exercises. Lists and examples of effective work-outs are readily available online.

Perhaps the best benefit derived from mini trampolines comes from the fact that they are fun to use. Many people have trouble motivating themselves to exercise. Mini trampolines provide a less daunting task than, say, lifting more weight or running faster. While people are often derailed by the fact that a machine work-out necessitates a sort of self-competition, the majority of people enjoy a little bouncing and movement.

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