Pure Fun 15 Foot Trampoline Review

If you would love to add a playful touch to your yard, then I would definitely suggest going with a Pure Fun trampoline. If you have never heard of Pure Fun, you are missing out.

Pure Fun is a brand that few can resist, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor trampolines that children and adults can enjoy to the max.

One of their newest trampolines is the humongous 15 Ft trampoline, which elevates all of the amazing features found in the popular 12 Ft option. This exceptionally affordable trampoline has been designed to catapult you high in the air and softly catch you when you land, so that you can spend all of your energy outdoors as opposed to sitting in front of the TV.

The versatile and fun trampoline is definitely one that should be on your radar, and below we will review it further so that you can determine whether it is suitable for your needs.


Who is it made for?

The Pure Fun 15 Ft trampoline is perfect for children with pent up energy that needs to be released. This trampoline will be your child’s favorite companion during the long summer months, allowing them to participate in a fun activity in a very safe manner.

Features of the Pure Fun 15 Foot Trampoline

Strong Build

The construction of a trampoline is extremely important, as it determines the integrity and durability that you will be receiving. When it comes to the 15 Ft trampoline, Pure Fun has attempted to build it with strong materials that will stand up to abuse. This trampoline comes with sturdy iron steel tubing which is resistant to rust, in turn guaranteeing long lasting fun.

Additionally, the Pure Fun trampoline has T-section construction, which is stronger, safer, and more durable than trampolines that have a welded frame.

Great Balance

When you purchase a trampoline, you need to ensure that it does not wobble or tip easily. Good balance is the difference between a fun trampoline session and a trip to the ER. Thankfully, the Pure Fun 15 Ft has a snug and secure T-section construction, which provides you with the balance necessary for a safe time outdoors. This is also complemented by 4 W-Shaped legs which enhance stability.

Easy To Assemble

There is nothing worse than investing in a trampoline that you cannot put together. Thankfully, this 15 Ft trampoline is simple to assemble, and requires no drilling and tools on your part.

Great Performance

When you buy a trampoline, you do so looking forward to a fun bouncing experience. Thankfully, this trampoline comes with steel springs that allow for a deep and enthralling bounce, for your pleasure. Additionally, the trampoline has a weather resistant mat for comfort and durability, so that you can experience incredible performance each and every time.

Safe to Bounce On

When it comes to safety, the 15 Ft trampoline excels. This Pure Fun creation has thick foam padding over the springs as well as a PVC cover over the frame for your protection. In addition, the trampoline has an enclosure to keep you safe as you bounce.


  • Great stability
  • Good bounce
  • Constructed with quality materials
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble, clear instructions
  • Very safe to bounce on
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy entry zipper enclosure


  • Some customers have complained of receiving their trampoline package with missing parts
  • A little bit noisy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are any parts of the Pure Fun 15-ft trampoline welded?

A. No. Instead of the standard welded construction seen in many trampolines, the Pure Fun trampoline makes use of a T-section assembly which is of high quality. This assembly is also long lasting, so that you can be jumping on your trampoline for years to come.

Q. Is the trampoline durable?

A. Yes it is. The frame is rust resistant while the jumping mat is UV resistant, and when you combine this with the T-Section assembly you have a trampoline that will last for a long time.


As you can see, Pure Fun has created a fun, safe, and durable trampoline that will keep your kids active for a long time to come. So if you are looking for a way to get your children away from the TV and out into nature, then the 15 Ft is definitely the way to go.

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