Pure Fun 14Ft 14 Foot Trampoline Review

If you are familiar with the world of trampolines, then you have probably heard of Pure Fun. This company provides you and your family with fun filled outdoor trampolines, for memorable afternoon fun. Not only are the Pure Fun trampolines well built, they are also competitively priced so that you do not have to break the bank trying to buy one.

Cue in the 14 Ft trampoline. Similar to other outdoor trampolines from Pure Fun, the 14 Ft has been constructed with quality and durability in mind. And the best part is, this trampoline is exceptionally affordable so that you can fit it into your budget. After all, you and your family shouldn’t be denied fun just because your budget is tight!

As the name suggests, this trampoline is Pure Fun! And below we are going to review this trampoline in greater detail, so that you know what to expect when you make your purchase.



Who is it made for?

Pure Fun has designed the 14 Ft trampoline for family fun, meaning that both children and adults can use this trampoline. The 14 Ft bouncing surface also gives your whole family a fun way to remain fit, and it has been designed for all skill levels.

Features of the Pure Fun 14 Foot Trampoline

Sturdy build

When you buy the Pure Fun 14 Ft, you will be happy to know that is has been built to perfection so that you can be bouncing for a long time to come. Unlike other trampoline frames that are welded together, this frame uses a no-weld design. This is because welded joints experience wear and tear, quickly becoming a safety risk.

Instead, the frame has been designed with a strong T-Section construction, which is built to last much longer that the standard welded trampolines. Additionally, this frame makes use of galvanized iron steel tubing, which is resistant to rust for long lasting fun.

Great Stability

When looking for a trampoline always go with one that promises great stability, so that it does not tip over as you jump around. The 14 Ft trampoline comes with 4 W-shaped legs, which provide 8 balanced contact points for added stability as you jump.

These legs are complemented by the T-Section construction that we mentioned earlier, and together they ensure that the frame remains secure with no chance of tipping, wobbling, and shifting.

Therefore you can be assured of stability, safety, and durability with this trampoline.

Good Bounce

You should always ensure that your trampoline provides a good bounce, as there is no point in buying a trampoline that is not bouncy. The Pure Fun 14 Ft comes with 88 steel springs, which are high performing.

These springs allow for a deep and exciting bounce, which is important in any trampoline.

Quality Mat

The mat is an often overlooked feature in trampolines; however, we will look at what Pure Fun has to offer us. The 14 Ft trampoline comes with a polypro mat, which is soft and durable. This weather resistant mat will stand up to the elements, while providing you with a comfortable landing area.

There is also thick foam that covers the springs, so that you can experience added protection as you jump.


  • Passes all safety requirements
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great stability
  • Weather resistant mat
  • Quick to assemble
  • Great price
  • Good jumping size
  • Mat is flexible


  • Cover is not durable
  • The zippers are not of the highest quality
  • Rail padding is thin

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About 14Ft Trampoline

Q. Does the trampoline come with a net?

A. No. The Pure Fun 14-ft trampoline does not come with a net; however, this can be purchased separately if you would like one.

Q. Does the pad that comes with the Pure Fun trampoline cover the springs?

A. Yes. The pad covers the springs so that you can bounce without fear of injuring yourself.


If you are looking for an affordable trampoline that can provide a wealth of fun for you and your family, then you should definitely consider the 14 Ft Pure Fun.

This well built and well designed trampoline has all of the bounce and safety features that are important in a trampoline, ensuring that you have a fun time every time you climb on the trampoline.

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