JumpSport Elite 14 Foot Trampoline Review

Engaging your young children in outdoor activities can be the best thing a parent can do. You can provide a safe play area for your child by buying them a trampoline. The choice of the trampoline greatly matters since not all are safe for your child.

If you are looking for an amazing trampoline that is easy to use and set up, you may consider giving JumpSport Elite 14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure a trial. This is a good-looking product that is well-designed putting the safety of your child in mind. The product has amazing features, and provides your child with a large play area.


Features of the JumpSport Elite 14 Ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Patented Staged Bounce Technology

It is the joy of every parent to know that their kids are safe when playing out there on their trampoline. The JumpSport Elite is a safe product for your kids. It has a patented StagedBounce technology for added safety. This is a product that is well designed to ensure your kid gets in and out safely.

Heavy-wall Steel Tubing

The frame of this trampoline is pre-galvanized and very durable. The top rail which measures 1.75 inches is made of steel making it last for a long period of time. This is a perfect product worth your investment if you have smaller children.

Internally Mounted Safety Enclosure Net

The safety enclosure net is an added layer that provides extra protection for your child. The safety net is easy to install; it will take you about 30 minutes for you to install the net. The JumpSport Elite is designed with safety of your child in mind. This is a solid product that will provide you with many years of great services.

Thick Frame Pad

This trampoline features a thick frame padding that is made from expanded polyethylene. It has a 21-ounce PVC which is resistant to UV and water. The padding is close to 14 inches wide, and is filled with 1-inch thick gym grade foam. This is a durable product that comes with 15 year frame warranty from the manufacturer.

Dark-Blue Powder Coat Finish

This is the hottest trampoline you can ever have in your backyard. It has a nice deep-blue color that makes it pretty and attractive. Not only does the trampoline look great, but it is also very safe for your child. It doesn’t matter the amount of force used; your child will have great time playing without getting hurt after falling down.


  • Instructions are easy to read and follow
  • The exit and entry are well designed for the safety of the child
  • The presence of an optional ladder enables children to enter and exit the trampoline safely
  • The trampoline is strong and safe
  • It is a durable product with padding and safe-seeming net


  • The trampoline is a little expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the height of this trampoline?

A: We bought one for our grandchildren two weeks ago. It has a height of 35 inches. This means it has a great ground clearance as compared to other products available in the market.

Q: I am planning to but a trampoline with a large play area for our children. What is the approximate play space of JumpSport Elitetrampoline?

A: This is an amazing product, and my children really love it. It offers a large play space which is up to 113 square feet.

Q: Looking for a product that is easy to install, has anyone used this trampoline?

A: I simply love this product; it took me less than five minutes to do the installation process. It is very easy to install with the easy hang enclosure system.


They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Young children love venturing in outdoor activities that help them relax, grow and interact with other children. Having the JumpSport Elite 14-Foot Trampoline that comes with an enclosure provides your child with the best play area ever.

This is a well-constructed product that is very safe for your child. It has a nice blue appearance that makes it amazing in your backyard. The product is easy and safe for your child to climb, and with no time, they will be enjoying bouncing and playing on it.

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