Exacme 15 Ft Foot Feet Trampoline Review

When you ask someone what type of exercises they do, you will find that the most common answer is jogging. While jogging is great for your blood flow, blood pressure, lung capacity, and cardio health, there is one exercise that is more fun and just as efficient.

Jumping on a trampoline!

Just imagine bouncing up and down on a trampoline with your family, and getting paid with improved health. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

When selecting a trampoline for you and your family, you always need to ensure that the trampoline is equipped with sufficient safety features so that you do not risk injuring yourself.

There are also a few other features that you should look for, however, this might be a bit overwhelming for a first time buyer. That is where I come in, with the aim of making your purchase much easier.

The trampoline we will be looking at below embodies everything that is great about this activity, making it the perfect all-in-one combo set for your home. So if you would like to know more about the ExacMe 15 Ft trampoline, read the extensive review below.



Who is it made for?

ExacMe have designed their trampoline to cater for families with children. This large trampoline can accommodate multiple people at one time, making it perfect for Sunday activities with the family.

Features of the ExacMe 15 Ft Trampoline All-in-one Combo Set

Stable Design

One of the first things you need to look for in a trampoline is stability. After all, you do not want the trampoline to tip over when your kids are jumping in it. Thankfully, this 15 Ft trampoline comes with 6 W-shaped legs, which provide 12 balanced contact points with the ground. This ensures that you have great stability as you jump, with no chance of wobbling and tipping. The 6W legs are also safer than trampolines with 4W and 5W legs.

Sturdy Construction

Trampolines are not cheap; therefore you need to ensure that you make a wise investment. Durability is an important factor to consider when buying a trampoline. That is why ExacMe has built the trampoline with a heavy duty steel frame, with galvanized tubing that is rust resistant. This strong frame can handle up to 375 lbs in weight, which makes it one of the highest capacity trampolines on the market.

Safe to Use

Safety should always be of your utmost concern, especially if children are using the trampoline. The ExacMe 15 Ft is equipped with strong straps and ropes, which secure the enclosure net to the trampoline so that you are safe when you jump. The steel frame is always padded with foam so that you are protected from injuring yourself on the poles.

Zipper Enclosure and Ladder

The ExacMe also comes with a mesh enclosure, which keeps your kids safe and visible when they are jumping. This easy to enter and exit enclosure is also complemented by a sturdy ladder, which allows children to safely get on and off the trampoline. The secure ladder also has slip resistant rungs for added protection.

Great Bounce

Last but not least, the ExacMe 15 Ft trampoline comes with 108 galvanized springs, so that you can experience a deep and fun bounce. Very few trampolines have such an impressive spring count.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction, strong material
  • Safe to bounce on
  • Provides a high bounce
  • Can handle a lot of weight
  • Comes with a ladder
  • Easy opening and closing
  • UV protected material


  • Some customers have complained that their straps broke off after a while

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many springs do you get with the trampoline?

A. You will receive 2 boxes of 54 springs; meaning that there are 108 springs overall for the trampoline.

Q.Is the net inside or outside the trampoline?

A. The net goes round the trampoline, enclosing everything including the springs. However, the springs have been padded to prevent injury as you bounce on the trampoline.


As you can see, ExacMe outshines its competitors when it comes to safety, spring count, and surface area. This large and fun trampoline is perfect for long weekends with your family, giving you endless hours of enjoyment without breaking the bank. You won’t find better!

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