Skywalker Trampolines 15 Ft Feet Round Trampoline Review

We live in a time and day where children and adults spend most of their free time indoors. It is therefore important to come up with fun activities that can get the whole family out the door, in order to catch some sun and burn some energy. Jumping in a trampoline is definitely one activity that no one can resist.

When it comes to buying the right trampoline for kids and adults of all ages, you will come up against a market that is packed with wide ranging options. There are so many sizes, shapes, and models on offer, and you should therefore find the one that is best for you and your needs.

Durability and safety should always be a priority, as these will be the difference between a fun experience and a painful and frustrating experience.

That is where the Skywalker 15 Ft trampoline comes in. This high performing trampoline happens to be the best-selling model on Amazon, making it an excellent choice for you. Below we will explore why exactly this model is so popular.

Skywalker-Trampolines-15-Feet-Round-Trampoline Review

Who is it made for?

The 15 Ft Skywalker trampoline is perfect for your whole family, and it can be used by everyone over the age of 6. This trampoline has a 200 lbs weight capacity, meaning that multiple users can use it at the same time.

Features of the Skywalker Trampolines 15 Feet Round Trampoline

Strong Frame

Skywalker is very famous for their strong galvanized frames, which are resistant to wear, tear, and rust. The 15 Ft trampoline comes with a 16 gauge steel frame, which has been reinforced with T-sockets. This welded frame is highly durable and unaffected by structural twisting. This frame therefore ensures that you can enjoy long lasting jumping fun.

The frame also has foam padding for added safety, and it is supported by 6 W-shaped legs for added stability as you jump.

High Bounce

The 15 Ft Skywalker also comes with 96 springs measuring 6.5 inches in length. These strong springs increase the quality of your bounce, ensuring that you have a deep, exciting, and high bounce.

Quality Spring Pad

If you have ever been on a trampoline, then you know that a quality spring pad will determine how much you enjoy your jumping experience. In the case of the Skywalker Trampoline 15 Ft you have a spring pad with 1 inch thick foam, which is very comfortable to land on. This spring pad also has UV resistant properties for added durability in all conditions.

Safety Net

A safety net is extremely important in a trampoline, especially if you have small children. To give parents peace of mind as their children jump around, Skywalker has outfitted the 15 Ft trampoline with a safety net. This safety net has been designed to secure to the inside of the jumping mat, rather than the frame. This means that the high quality net will keep you and your children away from the springs so that you can remain safe as you jump.


  • Large size
  • Solid construction
  • Safety net adds protection
  • High spring count
  • Enclosure net is pre-installed for convenience
  • Stable
  • Attractive
  • Weatherproof


  • Safety mat is a little thin
  • Difficult to set up
  • Expensive price tag

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many poles come with this trampoline?

A. There are 6 poles that come with this trampoline, and these provide optimum support for a fun and safe jumping experience.

Q. Does the opening of the trampoline have a zip or Velcro closure?

A. The opening of the 15-ft Skywalker has a zipper and 3 plastic clips which allow for easy entry and exit.

Q. Are the legs of the trampoline adjustable?

A. No, the legs are not adjustable. You will therefore need to place your trampoline on level ground for it to be stable.


If you have a large backward that needs an equally large trampoline, then I would definitely recommend the Skywalker 15 Ft Trampoline.

This round trampoline has been built to be secure, stable, strong, durable, and fun, so that your children can remain active and entertained during long weekends and even longer summer holidays. And the best part is that you can join in on the jumping fun at any time.

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